Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Wow...I am a lame blogger  


Gee, I guess time really flies when you are busy, moving, getting surgery, and just generally having your life turned upside down...

To sum it up the last *cough*4*cough* ahem, months, since I last blogged, in February, my husband's internship got switched around, resulting in a bit of a financial crisis, which led to an unexpected move to live with my grandparents who have extra space and so generously are willing to share it with our family. The move was in mid march and is a bit of a process with a 1 1/2 year old who really wants to help. Early April, my hubby's new internship began and I had all four of my wisdom teeth out. Yay for 3 weeks of jello, mashed potatoes and my savior, egg drop soup. During all this, I was trying to my business back on track after all these said upheavals, and got accepted to the Redmond Saturday Market (www.redmondsaturdaymarket.org) (yay!) and Urban Craft Uprising's 1st summer show (August 1-2) (double yay!) Did I mention that after UCU in December I took a bit of a creating hiatus...leading to much scrambling the 1st week of May to prep enough product for the RSM?

So that us here and now...I have a well-stocked booth of crayons, wipes, boutique burps, 5 sizes of Heal Betters, little lovies, and nursing covers. So what am I working on now? Burps and Hela Betters for this weekend's RSM, and my demo doll ( a reborn I am diligently rooting 1-2 hairs at a time). At the market this weekend, I should have tanner to work on his hair (he will be painted this week, and will make an adorable newborn!).

In family life, my hubby's internship is going great, we are loving getting to spend time with my grandparents, and seeing them with Cheyenne is just so fun! Speaking of Cheyenne, she is, constantly..talking that is. The child is runnign circles around us all, and learns at least3-8 new words a day. Basically if she hears it, she says it. Today's 1st new word of the moring was "safe", pronounced so proudly as "fafe." As in "baby is fafe" which is a real accomplishment around here, what with 4 dogs attempting to eat her (baby is Cheyenne's doll) all day. The garden is planted and now all we need is some sun (can I hear an amen?) so our plants can grow.

I am also trying to get new products up in my shop as quickly as I can, if there is somethign you need though please ask, as I will always have more complete than I will have listed.

The lame, but back in action blogger

What next?

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