Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Brand New in my Shop!  


My XL Heal Better Flax Packs (Hot/Cold Therapy for all your aches and pains) are making their debut in my shop! They have done amazingly well in person, at UCU, RSM, and with family and friends! Ours lives in our bed as a bed warmer every night! Check them out!

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What is a Heal Better?

CheyLoCreations Heal Better products are hot/cold therapy packs filled with 2.5lbs. of 100% organic golden flax. Each comes with a removable, washable cover and measures approximately 13" by 8". Heal Better products come unscented, so everyone can use them; if you would like a scent, you can add a drop of fragrance oil or essential oil to the inner pouch. Note: Essential oils are not recommended for children or pregnant women; please do your research before using these potent fragrances.

What can I use it for?

Heal Better products can be used for nearly any task that is usually reserved for ice packs, heating pads, and hot water bottles. They are reusable and combine hot/cold options into one product. The versatile sizes make them great for all ages and uses! Note: Heal Better is not intended to replace the advice/care of your doctor. Here are just a few options:

~Bumps and bruises
~Sore muscles
~Menstrual cramps
~Bed warmers
~Engorgement for nursing mothers
~Surgery recovery (felt great after my wisdom tooth removal)

Why flax?

Flax seeds are tiny, flat, and smooth, so these packs form oh so gently to your body; no more hard ice, no more pokey rice! Flax contains 30-40% oil, which heats reliably, every time, unlike grain products which rely on water to heat, and eventually dry out. Flax provides a soothing moist heat and comfortable cool relief that lasts.

How do I use it?

Using a Heal Better is easy as can be! Store in the freezer (in a zip bag if you choose) and pull out for cool relief. If heat is what you need, remove from freezer and microwave for 20-30 seconds at a time, until desired heat is reached. Please be cautious when removing from microwave, product will be hot. Always check temperature before using on a child, and always supervise children using Heal Better products.

Heal Better products are made with care in my smoke-free home studio.

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