Saturday, August 16, 2008

Nursing for Modest Mama's  


I am so excited to announce that my nursing covers are now in stock! My husband and daughter helped with an epic photo shoot yesterday so I could get them listed, and now here they are. More prints will be added over the next couple of days also. With the way etsy's search function works, it is important to spread out listings, but they will all be up soon!

Ironically, I never intended to use nursing covers, and didn't while my daughter was very small, which is why they were not originally part of my product line. However, when Cheyenne was about 7 or 8 months old, she started to get distracted while nursing. She would look at people walking by, the tv, a spot on the wall, anything at all! It was starting to drive me batty, so I gave in and made a nursing cover, and now, I wouldn't live without it!

The CheyLoCreations nursing covers are unique; each one is a different print, so you will be the only one with that cover! CheyLocreations nursing covers are larger than most on the market, come with a matching tote bag, have a peek-a-boo rigid neckline, adjustable straps and are two-sided!

Too see the selection, click here: Shop Nursing Covers Now!

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