Wednesday, August 27, 2008

3 Years and love is still in the air!  


Time really flies, doesn't it? In the last three years...

  • I got married
  • Continued college classes (Cody also in school)
  • Got Pregnant
  • Austyn Nicole was stillborn
  • Declared myself done with school
  • Went on a 2nd mission trip to Mazatlan, Mexico
  • Cody went back to school to become an elementary teacher
  • Got pregnant again
  • Cody graduated (with his BA, still teaching classes left to go)
  • Cheyenne Lorrayne was born (yay!)
  • Cody continued school
  • I started CheyLoCreations
  • Cheyenne turned 1
  • Cody began his student teaching
  • and's our three year anniversary!

Oh, and we've moved from two places on campus, to our apartment together once we got married, to a duplex, to a house we are sharing with some friends...goodness, we've been busy! There is no one I would rather be spending this time with, Cody is my husband, my best friend, my soulmate, my future, my life.

Cody, happy anniversary, you have my love, always, in all ways!

What next?

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