Tuesday, September 30, 2008

So Fickle is this Etsy Pickle  


It is so funny...September has far and away been my best month on etsy, until the last day or two. My cloth wipes have been selling like gangbusters (what a weird phrase by the way...anyone know what it means?), but then yesterday and today, I feel like someone pulled an invisibility cloak over my shop, views have been next to non-existent. So strange. I suppose it could have something to do with the economy freak out...Either way, I am sure it will get better! Just means it is time to hit the sewing machine hard! Well, not literally "hit," but you know what I mean!

In other news, good news, I got into Urban Craft Uprising 2008! I am so beyond excited! It is a super huge 2 day show, December 6-7th in Seattle, WA. I applied and got in! So, it is certainly time to up the inventory....up a lot! I have heard some folks even sell out (wow, how cool would that be!)! I generlaly do very well at shows, so I am very happy! Should make for a busy fall/winter!

What next?

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