Sunday, September 7, 2008

Northgate Family Festival  


Weel, the Northgate Family Festival was yesterday...and I can honestly say I met some great women who were vending near me, including two etsy sellers, one who is a member of etsyrain too! The weather held for us, it was nice, and most importantly not raining! yay! Unfortunately...the music, while good, was too loud to talk with cusomers most of the time(or to hear oneself think for that matter, haha) and the layout was terrible. We were in a rowofvendors, back to back, with me in the half that were facing AWAY fromt the main stage and all the entertainment, soa good portion of the festival attendees had no reason to walk past us...bummer. Besides that, most people there really weren't my target market. Oh well, you live and learn. I did make back the booth fee, so that's cool, and sold a carrier as a gift, which the gal was really excited about, so that's great too! I love to see my carriers go home with people, they are such a great parenting tool! Beyond that, I expected at least one show to be a a bit of a dud, since I had never even been to most of them i applied for, but you have to try, ya know?

So, overall, I met some great people, didn't lose any money, sold a carrier, and enjoyed the weather with my family, all in all, not a bad day!

ps-I am on my mom's comp, so no pics today, but please check out my website, if you haven't!

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